Grilled Scallops

Grilled Scallops

Ingredients for 2 Servings

• four items giant Scallops
• ¼ oz Virgin oil
• ¼ oz Finely sliced Garlic
• Salt & Pepper
• ¼ oz Coriander finely sliced
• ¼ Piece, juice & Zest


Mix juice, zest and Coriander along, Pad dry the Scallops and place on a receptacle. Season the Scallops with Garlic, Salt, Pepper and oil. Prepare Grill to a Medium Heat Grill Scallops for one ½ minutes on either side making certain its burn enough Baste the Scallops with the Coriander Mixture and sear for five seconds. Serve the Scallops with spicy artichoke puree, condiment Verde and Organic Leaves

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