rab Cakes

rab Cakes

Ingredients for two servings

6 Oz recent Crab Meat
1 Oz Onion
¼ oz Celery
¼ oz Garlic
¼ Butter
¼ oz Cream
½ Pint Fish stock
2 sprigs, finely sliced Basil
1 oz protein Free bread Crumbs
¼ Piece, finely sliced hot chilis sauce
Salt & Pepper


Melt the butter in a very PanAdd the onion, celery and garlic and Sautee for three minutesAdd in Crab meat and cook for one more five minutesAdd Cream, stock and bread crumbs and cook while stirring for more five minutesFinally add in basil, sliced chilis, salt and pepperLeave the Mixture to coolPortion the Mixture and Grill on a Hot pan till golden brown on every sideServe the Crab Cakes with shadow Benzedrine dressing

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